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craftit - diy app

ux ui

DIY App that offers detailed tutorials for DIY enthusiasts, in a variety of fields and levels of difficulty

Graphic language:


Look & Feel



Onboarding: Select at least 3 interests fields and the app will identify and suggest relevant guides based on your selection.
Subsequent suggestions will also be based on usage history


Splash Screen that sets the general atmosphere


The main screen offers various ways to reach relevant guides: textual search, categories, search by ingredient, and suggestions for guides based on interest / usage history. Bottom navigation includes in-app store that contains DIY kits and other DIY related products, browse and personal zone. 

Search by ingredients: The user can search for guides that include/exclude certain materials, for example If you don’t have a drill you can look for guides that don't require a drill
Or in case you have some stuff at home and you want figure out what you can do with them


My CRAFIT - Personal zone show a list of favorites, uploaded guide and activity history


Search results: sort results by popularity /rates / difficulty level / time duration or price. 


in the guide screen the user can 

  •  skip to specific parts of the video according to the stages in the textual instruction guide.

  • Check the steps you completed.

the app will find where you can buy the materials / tools needed, and even navigates you to the nearby store.

You can also buy readymade kits to certain guides at the in-app store.

guide screen includes the materials, tools and instructions and of course a video.Apart from the guide, the page also contains the option of sharing results, rating the guide and adding a comment

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